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SPOCO: Its a Fact
Robin Johnson has qualified over 25 consecutive times, Bob Stapley 15 times; Kevin Darragh 14; Graham Hurrell and John Iszatt 12, Colin White 10.
Youngest winner; Mark Bird, age 20
Oldest winner; Steve Dennis, age 44. First veteran winner (2011) with maximum points.
Bill Thorncroft has organized most SPOCO events, plus many more for other organizations and still managed to ride 46 x 12hr and 13 x 24hr TTs.
Every year fewer than half of SPOCO entrants fail to qualify.
Two qualifiers who subsequently finish PBP Mike Smith, Maldon & Dist CC (on a trike) and Gordon Allen, Thames RC
Paul Smith and Colin Ward have won the competition 6 times, (3 group format). John Patson and Ian Browning 3 times (4 group format), Glenn Taylor 3 times (4 and 3 group format).
Julia Freeman and Jeannette De Giorgio have won the ladies competition 3 times.
Jonathan Hemmings, Robin Johnson, Bob Stapley and Ann Shuttleworth have won the handicap competion twice.
Essex Roads CC have won the team competition 7 times. Finsbury Park CC has won it 7 times. API and Chelmer CC have each won the team competition 4 times.
Robin Johnson has won the Lantern Rouge (this is a real award) 3 times.
Colin White, has won King vet(+70 years) 6 times in a row.

1982: Sporting Courses Points Competition introduced.
Open only to members of clubs affiliated to the Eastern Counties Cycling Association.
Free entry. 1 x 100; 2 x 50; 4 x 25; 1 x 10 to qualify. 12 qualifiers.
1983: 27 qualifiers.
1984: 56 qualifiers including 12 teams of three. First event promoted by SPOCO SC, 10 m 2up TTT.
1985: SPOCO SC organizes the first ever mid-week afternoon event.
1987: Competition made open to all. First SPOCO 80 promoted.
1988: First edition of SPOCOMIC (for newcomers, SPOCO Comic).
1990: Issue no. 5 of SPOCOMIC becomes a glossy magazine edited by John Coulson, free issue. Issue no. 6 sells at 50p.
1991: First Sporting Courses 12 hr, promoted by SPOCO SC. Winner; Jes King, Haverhill Wh. First lady; Jan Gould, Maldon & Dist. The day was hot!
November; SPOCOMIC ceases publication, due to lack of support.
1992: SPOCO South East has guest organizer. 1 x 100; 2 x 50; 4 x 25; 1 x 10 to qualify. 22 qualifiers. Second SPOCO SC 12 hr. Winner; Terry Anderson, Hainault RC. First lady; Tracy Low, Maldon & Dist.
1993: Qualification changed to 1 x 100; 2 x 50; 2 x 25; 1 x 10. Ladies and juniors, 2 x 50; 2 x 25; 1 x 10. Third and final SPOCO SC 12 hr. Winner; Peter Bishop, Heron RC. First lady; Jean Burrow; Hainault RC.
1996: Qualification changed to present format, 2 x 50; 3 x 25; 1 x 10.
2001: First maximum points winner, Paul Smith
2003: Introduction of National SPOCO Long Distance Points Competition, with Trophies donated by Speedwell BC. First winner; Gethrin Butler, Preston RC. Due to the lack of entries, this was ended 2005.
2006: George Potter becomes competition secretary. Junior competition revised, 3 x 10, 3 x 25.
2007: SPOCO web site established by Andy Sheridan.
2008: Jim Hornett wins handicap competition, riding for SPOCO Supporters Club.
2009: Competition exceeds 100 entries.
2011: Robin Johnson runs first SPOCO Jumble to add SPOCO funds.
2016: On-line competition entries available.
2020: No competition due to Covid 19 Virus
2021: No competition due to Covid 19 Virus

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